Monday, October 8, 2007


I found out through the grape vine that Grand Valley was having this typography showcase called de:(kon'strukt).
"de:(kŏn'strŭkt')™ will be presenting a collection emphasizing an appreciation for typography, more specifically the letterform and its use in communication through construction and deconstruction of both existing and personal typefaces."

uh, sweet, why doesn't my school do cool things like that?
(oh, maybe cause we can't even get people to participate in a type blog....)

But that is how I came across this site including a student at GVSU. "Rick Valicenti presents the Playground, curated by Robb Irrgang & Satoru Nihei - Our friends accepted the invitiation to create an alphabet of 26 characters illuminated not to start a sentence, but to begin a thought."


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